1 In 50 Babies Victims Of Abuse Or Neglect About 1 in 50 infants in the U.

Other studies have viewed national child abuse and neglect cases, but this is thought to be the first to concentrate on infants, said research co-author Rebecca Leeb, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The results mirror just what a research in Canada found, Leeb said. The 91,000 infants were age 12 months or younger. About 30,000 of these cases were newborns aged seven days or younger. ‘It is a particularly vulnerable group,’ stated Leeb, a CDC epidemiologist. ‘We were struck by the actual fact there was a clustering of maltreatment with the very, very early generation.’ No more than 13 % of the newborn cases had been counted as physical abuse, meaning the large majority involved neglect.Controlled scientific trials are had a need to assess the efficacy of ZMapp for EVD. Although it is probable that most deaths from EVD are caused by multiorgan dysfunction and septic shock or disseminated intravascular coagulation and bleeding complications,7,11,12 we hypothesize that a subgroup of patients may die from complications of concomitant and hypovolemia electrolyte derangement, primarily hypokalemia. Individual 1 acquired some ventricular ectopy, therefore we suspect that electrolyte abnormalities and volume shifts could cause cardiac arrhythmias and sudden loss of life from cardiac causes in a few patients.