A Washington Post editorial says.

Furthermore, the Libyan court provides refused to consider an investigation carried out by two well-known European HIV/Helps experts that shows the virus spread because of poor hospital hygiene, the editorial says. If Libya continues with this travesty of justice, it will be stating that it prefers to scapegoat foreigners instead of admit to the weakness of its own medical program, the editorial says, concluding that Libyans want a authorities with the honesty to confront the true causes of HIV infections . This article is definitely republished with kind permission from our close friends at the The Kaiser Family Foundation.But micro-technologies now enable multicellular tumor spheroids to become cultured instead of 2D cell cultures using high-throughput micro-well plates – we are able to use the same medication testing machinery on these brand-new models. Likewise, materials research technology right now exists to develop cells within semipermeable membranes, helping experts define the shape of the eventual spheres. And as futuristic since it undoubtedly sounds, magnetic cell levitation might help alleviate the issue of cells sticking to the plastic well surface area, which limits spheroid growth.