AADA expresses disappointment over Medicare SGR fix The following is a statement from Ronald L.

Moy, MD, FAAD, President, American Academy of Dermatology Association: The American Academy of Dermatology Association is definitely severely disappointed that Congress once more allowed partisan politics to stand in the form of a full sustainable growth rate fix. Related StoriesGenomic Wellness announces Medicare insurance for Oncotype DX prostate malignancy testMembers signed up for Medicare Advantage satisfied with their plans, study findsMedicare individuals in rural settings have lower rates of post-discharge follow-up careHowever well-intentioned, this 10-month stop-gap strategy showcases another missed opportunity by Congress to provide stability in Medicare obligations to physicians, and jeopardizes usage of quality dermatologic look after Medicare beneficiaries in the united states.They were questioned about their drug injection behaviors, including from whom and where they obtained their syringes and how they disposed of used syringes. Based on the scholarly study, 10 % of study participants cited the Baltimore syringe exchange program as their primary source for acquiring needles in comparison to 18 % from pharmacies and 50 % who reported needle sellers as their primary resource. Twenty-two % of the individuals reported following both secure acquisition and disposal methods. Safe injection and disposal were not associated with HIV, hepatitis C or syringe posting. 5 times more likely to get their syringes from safe sources compared to anyone who has been injecting for shorter periods of time. More research is required to determine if our results are similar in metropolitan areas without syringe exchange or pharmacy sale programs.S.