AbleNet adds Madentecs entire type of assistive technology answers to product portfolio AbleNet.

Madentec shall continue steadily to own the products and provide engineering development support, which includes been their core power. ‘This brings us much nearer to reaching our objective to become the global leader in providing easy-tech pc access equipment.’ AbleNet’s making and global advertising expertise will improve the development potential of the Madentec products. The Madentec product brands will be retained to leverage the marketplace position the ongoing company has earned.Past studies have linked higher amounts of the plaque in dementia-free people who have greater risk for developing the disorder. However, it's recently been shown that nearly a third of people with plaque on the brains never showed signals of cognitive decline, raising questions about its specific function in the disease. Now, Dr. Davatzikos and his Penn co-workers, in collaboration with a team led by Susan M. Resnick, PhD, Chief, Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience at the National Institute on Ageing , utilized Pittsburgh compound B mind scans from the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Maturing's Imaging Study and discovered a stronger association between memory decline and spatial patterns of amyloid plaque progression compared to the total amyloid burden.