Academic life brings knowledge and weight gain!

According to the study just over 20 % were classified as overweight or obese in the beginning of college and 35 % were considered overweight or obese at the end of the sophomore calendar year. The blame is certainly laid by The experts on academic stress, insufficient direct family support, alcohol and the too easy availability of fatty food, as the primary causes for the excess weight gain. Another research of 383 students at a private university in the Northeast, showed that throughout their freshman year also, males gained typically 5.6 pounds while females gained 3.6 pounds. The studies also found that males gain more excess weight than females and doctors have got voiced their concern that the gradual fat gain can be a design that could continue after university and put students at risk of obesity.Food and Drug Administration acceptance for human trials of this therapy and is one of only five centers in the country in the Cardiovascular Cell Therapy Analysis Network, the first nationwide consortium to receive federal funding for adult stem cell studies. The findings of Dr. Yeh’s team are anticipated to significantly advance this work. This is a terribly important and very insightful progress, stated Dr. James T. Willerson, president and medical director for THI and a pioneer in neuro-scientific gene therapy for treating center failure.