Accommodations for Dyslexia Later in school life.

Options for utilizing the assisted technology tools at home must be explored to ensure generalization of abilities in different settings.. Accommodations for Dyslexia Later in school life, and in adulthood, the focus is on accommodations. Which means that reasonable attempts must be made to adapt the curriculum and approach to instruction to allow the individual with dyslexia to use alternative strategies for a given task. These accommodations are usually requested under the Individualized Education Strategy ; however in some instances they can be used under a section 504 strategy under American with Disabilities Take action without the procedural safeguards of an IEP. Some types of accommodations include: instructional, environmental, testing, assignment/homework, and/or assistive technology There are great resources online and in print regarding information on the above, but a few illustrations are provided here: Adjust reading level Allow college student to tape lectures Allow typewritten or word-prepared assignments Provide a written outline Seat student near teacher Provide a structured schedule in written form Provide organizational strategies such as for example charts, timelines, binders for materials etc.The researchers analyzed 834 open and 862 laparoscopic surgeries performed at 14 VA medical centers between 1999 and 2001 to repair inguinal, or groin, hernias, the most common type. In two years of follow-up, the laparoscopic group got a 10-% recurrence rate and 39-% complication rate, compared to about 5 % and 33 % for the open-surgery group. The laparoscopic patients were more active and had less discomfort in the two weeks following the operation, but these factors leveled off for the two groups within 90 days. Laparoscopic surgery uses pencil-slim tubes fitted with cutting tools and miniature video cameras that enable the doctor to see in the stomach or pelvis.