ACEA Biosciences receives new U.

The xCELLigence Program, developed by ACEA Biosciences and further co-developed by ACEA Biosciences and its cooperation partner Roche Applied Technology, is marketed on an internationally basis with Roche Applied Technology. As stated by Dr. Yama Abassi, ACEA’s Senior Director of Research and Development, and Lead Inventor of the new patent: The xCELLigence System is broadly found in biomedical study, toxicology, and pharmaceutical development. The brand new patent broadly covers the use of our real-time, label-free technology in the essential area of medication discovery and pharmaceutical analysis and allows the investigator to effectively screen chemical substances for cytotoxicity, and changes in cell behavior related to the chemical substance being tested.Non-GAAP modified EBITDA increased 87 percent to $21.7 million from $11.6 million in third quarter of 2010. Non-GAAP adjusted net income per diluted common talk about increased 83 percent to $0.11 from $0.06 in third quarter of 2010. Mary Tolan, Accretive Health’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, said, I’m pleased to report that currently our Projected Contracted Annual Income Run-Rate is in the number of $960 million to $990 million, up $313 million, or 47 percent year-over-12 months at the midpoint of the range.