Additional training posts Just A Start

Additional training posts Just A Start, says BMA, UKThe Health Minister Patricia Hewitt today 200 additional long-term specialist training posts for doctors announced in England, and an unspecified number of additional posts. She pointed out that there are additional training for all physicians who are appointed to the required standards to meet specialist posts, but for whom there was not enough this year. In response to the announcement, says Dr Jo Hilborne, chairman of the BMA Junior Doctors Committee: .

Dr Jonathan Fielden, chairman of the BMA consultants committee, said:.’This announcement is a small beginning to address this desperate crisis, it seems, that the government listen to listen to our demands the profession must unite now. And this extra resource use for immediate solutions for this debacle to deliver. We can not that doctors have control over the re-design of the training for the future. We can not allow others to interfere with the future of medicine again.

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