Aging population need to be included in information technology.

Specifically, older adults knowledge reduced visual acuity, color perception and susceptibility to glare. They also encounter a greater difficulty hearing high-pitched noises and perceive a greater interference from background sounds. As for motor skills, ailments such as arthritis can limit someone’s use of technology as well. Aging is connected with an over-all slowing of cognitive processes also, decreased memory capability and attentional control, and difficulties with goal maintenance.An incision was made in the skin, and a 13-gauge needle was placed in accordance with the attention of the pedicle posterolaterally. Soft tapping guided the needle through the pedicle into the anterior two thirds of the fractured vertebral body. Prepared PMMA was slowly injected into the vertebral body, and satisfactory infiltration of the vertebral body was confirmed radiographically. A bipedicular approach was used only when there is inadequate instillation of cement with the unipedicular strategy. Injection was halted when substantial resistance was met or when the cement reached the posterior quarter of the vertebral body; injection was also halted if cement leaked into extraosseous structures or veins. All participants in the vertebroplasty group received cephalothin, administered immediately after PMMA injection intravenously.