Air pollution from lead-contaminated soil a cause for concern By Helen Albert.

The group also found that increases in the amount of atmospheric lead predict higher mean blood lead amounts in younger compared with older children. For example, an atmospheric boost of 0. After the age of 1 1 year, boys are more suffering from exposure to atmospheric lead than girls. Furthermore, the gender difference boosts with age, such that males possess a 1.5 percent higher blood lead level than girls living in the same area at the age of 1 year, which increases to an 11.2 percent difference at age 7 years.Adequate Relief of IBS-Related Bloating Significantly more patients in the rifaximin group than in the placebo group met the criteria for the key secondary end point, sufficient relief of IBS-related bloating for at least 2 of the first 4 weeks after treatment . Sensitivity analyses that were performed to measure the effect of missing values yielded similar results . On the basis of daily assessments of IBS-related bloating as rated on a 7-point scale during the same principal evaluation period, a significantly greater proportion of individuals in the rifaximin group than in the placebo group got relief .