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In preclinical tests with mice Dynavax ISS-based flu vaccine cross cross – protective cellular and antibody-induced immunity to confer far apart flu strains demonstrated . Results in mice and primates have shown that the concurrent administration of influenza vaccine Dynavax Quite vaccine enhances the immune response to the vaccine, and may allow standard dose reduction while. Induce comparable protective immunity Importantlyion, the enhanced immunogenicity and cross-protection of the Dynavax vaccine provides immunity for for more than a year, potentially allowing the elimination of annual vaccination and store vaccines for the pandemic. ‘The unique advantage of Dynavax’s flu vaccine, our proprietary conjugation technology that chemically bonds to give ISS molecule with highly conserved viral antigens potent immunogenic and cross – protective effect regardless of the viral strain,’said Gary Van Nest, vice president, preclinical at research Dynavax. ‘We believe that our a potential breakthrough a potential breakthrough in the prevention of diseases characterized by severe, widespread viral outbreaks represented and first line of defense first line of defense against an influenza pandemic. Importantly, the Dynavax approach protection against any offer potentially pandemic strain, in contrast to other vaccine development efforts that target H5 H5 or variety. Our goal is to completion of preclinical completion of the preclinical studies and to initiate clinical trials of influenza vaccine as soon as possible. ‘Dynavax data were presented at the Conference on Novel Vaccines: Bridging Research, Development and Production, Cambridge Healthtech Institute Cambridge Healthtech Institute, Cambridge, MA.

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