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Damaged cartilage displays distinct changes in the focus of collagen and drinking water molecules, the micro – and macrostructure of collagen, and the concentrations of particular proteins, glycosoaminoglycans. The findings support the use of these MRI methods in the evaluation of young patients with joint pain to recognize the beginnings of OA – enabling earlier treatment to prevent the progression of the disease. The advancement and optimization of these innovative MR methods has opened up a new window in to the understanding and possible treatment of arthritis before irreversible structural and morphological changes has occurred, said Michael P.First, the original mutation may alter the cellular composition of the neoplastic clone, including early stem cells and progenitors and their differentiated progeny. As a result, after acquisition of the next mutation, the double-mutant subclone will see itself in a cellular environment that is determined by the identification of the first mutation. Cellular interactions between genetically specific subclones may conceivably consider several forms, including direct competition pertaining to available niches and feedback ramifications of differentiated cells on progenitor and stem-cellular compartments.33 Second, the initial mutation might mandate distinct cellular pathways mainly because targets for subsequent mutations that are able to provide a growth benefit.