AQUARIUS trial data shows Aliskiren reduced incidents of loss of life.

Nicholls, M.D., Ph.D., senior consultant to Cleveland Clinic's C5Research and Professor of Cardiology and Deputy Director at the South Australian Wellness & Medical Analysis Institute in Adelaide, Australia, used intravascular ultrasonography to assess the degree of heart disease progression in 458 patients in baseline and after 104 weeks of treatment with aliskiren or placebo. IVUS is usually a medical imaging technology when a little ultrasound probe is inserted with a catheter into an artery, allowing physicians to examine the within of arteries via sonogram.An outbreak can suddenly arise, especially in vulnerable populations with compromised sanitation infrastructure, as in the devastating 2010 outbreak in Haiti.1 In 2012 alone, V. Cholerae contaminated 3 million to 4 million people, killing 100 nearly,000.2 Although all pathogenic V. Cholerae strains possess a identical genomic backbone that may have facilitated adaptation to individual intestinal mucosa,3,4 the predominant pathogenic stress, serogroup O1, harbors two genetically distinctive biotypes: classical and El Tor .