Biopiracy=stealing understanding without proper payment or credit in return.

As anyone who functions for scientific journals understands, that is par for the program. Articles that appear in Nature and Science routinely come out somewhat modified in newspapers like the Times. And Perhaps that’s reasonable enough. But my complaint here is that nowhere in the article may be the acknowledgement that Character first reported the story. I’ll let the irony wash more than you. P.S. I particularly just like the picture that ran with the days article of this snake.Even though these facts are gloomy, there is one bright ray of wish in them, said Dr. Norman Edelman, senior medical advisor for the American Lung Association. Smoking cigarettes continues to be the most correctable cause of death and illness in the United States, he said. When I’ve a patient with anti snoring because he’s overweight, it’s very, very hard to get him to lose excess weight. But we’ve shown that we can help people stop smoking effectively. We’ve been in a position to reduce smoking rates in the adult people by about half. It’s a health crisis that’s amenable to a remedy, if we make an effort. Pechacek agreed.