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Experts from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer tumor Research Middle in Seattle, Washington, observed the consequences of chemotherapy on healthful cell tissue and found that it damages the DNA of healthful noncancerous cells which causes them to produce molecules that in turn produces more tumor cells. Worse Even, they also discovered that a significant side effect to the procedure is that cancer cells grow more virulent than these were before the treatment.Of the 13 individuals who underwent surgery, 10 had pituitary macroadenomas alone , and 3 individuals had pituitary hyperplasia, with or without an identified adenoma . In all the sufferers, hormonal control was not accomplished with medical therapy by itself. Such control required either radical or repeated neurosurgery alone or in combination with the administration of the growth hormones receptor antagonist pegvisomant or radiotherapy . Seven sufferers had permanent hypopituitarism during this study. The normal duplicated genomic segment was approximately 500 kb in length, from position 135,627,637 to 136,118,269 . One individual had a complicated genomic rearrangement, with two duplicated segments which were separated by a brief region of normal genomic sequence.