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Surgery has relied on Foley for bladder measurements and esophageal catheters, whose accuracy is affected by the function of the site. Bladder measurement is dependent on urine production, and is as a result an unwise approach, because surgical patients are volume depleted. This reliance on urine production to measure temperature prospects to delays and inaccuracies that may cause serious complications also. In addition, infections occur in individuals with urinary catheters invariably. All invasive techniques carry the risk of organ injury and can increase health care costs because of medical interventions and longer hospital stays.The holistic treatment provided by spas generally, includes: * Body wrap * Optional steam bath * Body massage * Facial * Manicure * Pedicure There is a variety of body massage providers that you can select from. Although some of them are aimed at relaxing particular muscle groups of your body, others offer general rejuvenation. Reflexology, aroma therapy and Thai massage etc are just a few of these massage types. You can choose to educate yourself more about each of these types and opt for services in accordance. The facial treatments, without doubt, are aimed at helping you eliminate your tired look. You can end up choosing from these facial treatments: * Seaweed facials * Collagen * Microdermabrasion * Others The best bet is always to settle for services, recommended by trusted friends and peers.