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So professional suggests to consider early step in order to avoid essential condition which may be existence threatening. The most common operation carried out in the old age range of every woman in these days is hysterectomy removing uterus which contain cyst or tumor which later may generate critical cancer in your body of the sufferers. Most of the instances laparoscopic surgery is prescribed for the removal of the organ from the body. Sometimes multiple tumor or cyst will there be, laparoscopic surgery is not prescribed as it might turn the problem problematic. Then major medical procedures prescribed which help the full total removal of the problematic area from the body.An improved understanding of the partnership among the stage of disease, the rate of change, ancestry, and other essential risk factors being tracked in the ongoing African Descent and Glaucoma Study will allow us to evaluate the partnership between genetics, visual reduction and structural damage in this high-risk group, added Linda Zangwil, PhD, a professor of ophthalmology at UC San Diego and study co-investigator. The analysis will obtain comprehensive phenotypes – a composite of all observed characteristics or characteristics of a person – greater than 2,000 topics, set up a repository and implement a data-coordinating center at UC NORTH PARK, as well conduct comprehensive genetic research.