Lawmakers approve controversial fresh abortion clinic regulations The measure.

Wade ruling . The Associated Press/Washington Post: Alabama Legislature Passes Costs Setting Stricter Standards For Abortion Clinics The expenses requires abortion clinics to use doctors who have approval to admit sufferers to hospitals in the same city. Some clinics now use doctors from other cities that don't have local medical center privileges. A similar laws in Mississippi is threatening to close that state's only abortion clinic, which is challenging the law in court. The bill also units stricter building requirements, including wider halls and doorways and better fire suppression systems . Elsewhere, Texas legislators are thinking about stricter regulation to limit abortions – – Kaiser Health News: Texas Legislature Weighing 5 Crucial Proposals To Limit Abortions Anti-abortion rights forces in Texas accomplished a significant triumph in 2011, the last period the state legislature convened.The new strategy uses a approach to pregnancy dating and risk scoring to estimate an ideal time of delivery for each pregnancy. If spontaneous labor has not occurred by this correct period, preventive labor induction is performed, increasing the chance that labor occurs prior to the fetus provides grown too big for the maternal pelvis or prior to the placenta is continuing to grow too old to support the fetus during labor. The new approach is called the Active Administration of Risk in Being pregnant at Term . AMOR-IPAT evaluates the risk profile for each being pregnant, and uses each risk profile to estimate an optimal time of delivery. Preventive labor induction can be used if a girl will not develop spontaneous labor by the higher limit of her optimal time of delivery.