Perhaps you like to choose walks or spend an hour gardening or riding your bike.

Previous study at the University of Washington School of Public Health insurance and Community Medicine found that vitamins A and C benefited people with asthma who were sensitive to surroundings pollutants and a recent study by researchers at the Harvard College of Public Wellness found the nutrients folate, vitamins B6 and B12 help safeguard the heart from the effect of particulate polluting of the environment.. Air Pollution Raises Blood Pressure According to New Study It looks like a healthy thing to do: getting outside. Perhaps you like to choose walks or spend an hour gardening or riding your bike. Unfortunately, in the event that you live where the atmosphere is polluted, you could be hurting your health by breathing the not-so-fresh air simply. That is the conclusion of a new Ohio State University Medical Center study – – the first to report a primary link between polluting of the environment and high blood circulation pressure, or hypertension.Division of Agriculture Food Information Pyramid limitations added sugar usage to between 6 and ten %, and the global world Health organization recommends limiting added sugar consumption to significantly less than 10 %. In the January issue of the Journal of Pediatrics in a paper The study is detailed, Adverse Effect of High Added Sugars Consumption on Dietary Intake in American Preschoolers. Kranz’s co-authors are Dr. Helen Smiciklas-Wright, professor of dietary sciences; Dr. Anna Maria Siega-Riz, associate professor of maternal and child wellness at the University of NEW YORK, Chapel Hill; and Diane Mitchell, Penn State Diet Assessment Middle coordinator.