Reductions in mortality were not statistically significant.

Newborn Lives can be saved by cleaning the umbilical cord with chlorhexidinecleaning umbilical cord of a newborn baby, a child with chlorhexidine reduce the risk of infection and death during the first weeks as much as as much as 20 %, according to a study under led by researchers at the Johns Hop large-scale implementation with chlorhexidine were 20 % less likely to die when compared to infants who dry the standard power supply cables. Reductions in mortality were not statistically significant. Below the 7-day group compared with the dry cleaning care, but they have fewer signs of cord infection Chlorhexidine cord cleansing is a simple, safe, effective and inexpensive intervention, large-scale implementation of this measure has universal reach the potential to provide an estimated half a million deaths to prevent newborns per year, said Abdullah Baqui, senior author and principal investigator of the study and professor in the Bloomberg School’s Department of International Health..

News service writes news service writes, ‘Vaccines against rotavirus, the leading cause of severe gastroenteritis with vomiting and diarrhea in infants and children, and help improve hygiene and proper rehydration treatment would solve the problem, said[ agencies] ‘. Other elements of the plan include the promotion of breastfeeding, vitamin A supplementation, hand washing with soap, improved water supply and measles immunization (Xinhua.

‘According to the report, only 15 countries account for almost three-quarters of diarrhea deaths among children under five – India, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Mali and Angola ‘writes Associated Press / GMA News .‘One of the primary factor in the manufacture of Darzi proposed labor the need for fully finance comprehensive training packages for all staff will be. We have assured Advisers, training wanted a high priority to in the future. ‘.

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Given granted WILEX a Special Protocol Assessment for shaping the period III study of REDECTAN before starting the study. The SPA the FDA that the design and planned analysis of clinical trial. Adequately to the requirements for filing a regulatory submission REDECTAN The aim of the Phase III REJECT study was to determine is not present REDECTAN by positron emission tomography and computed tomography compared with the use the CT alone could not improve diagnosis of renal masses.