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But he halted short of stating the labor group won’t endorse members of Congress who vote for such cuts. Trumka did say in the telephone briefing that opposition to potential cuts will be among the factors considered with regards to making endorsements in the 2012 elections. Trumka stated he ‘could have trouble envisioning us endorsing individuals who actually voted for major cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. That could have a dampening effect on any candidate even if they were endorsed,’ he added .An essentially feel-good movie and a complete family members entertainer.

Adopting dominant poses can help reduce pain Study co-authored by USC Marshall professor examines the link between posture, pain and effectiveness toleranceMothers have been telling their children to stop slouching for ages. It turns out that mother was onto something and that poor posture not only makes a poor impression, but can in fact make you physically weaker. Relating to a scholarly study by Scott Wiltermuth, assistant professor of administration business at the USC Marshall College of Business, and Vanessa K. Bohns, postdoctoral fellow at the J.L. Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, adopting dominant versus submissive postures reduces your sensitivity to pain actually. The study, ‘It Hurts When I Do This ‘ released in the Journal of Experimental Public Psychology, found that by simply adopting more dominant poses, people feel more powerful, in control and in a position to tolerate even more distress.