Reproductive wellness group CONRAD for halting the trials.

The women in the trial had been instructed to use the gel to the vagina an hour before sexual intercourse and in the South African group 35 women among a total of some 1,600 reported contracting HIV. Consequently CONRAD halted all of the trials that have been in South Africa underway, India, Benin and Uganda. The trials were in Phase III, generally the ultimate stage before something can be registered with a drugs regulatory authority. TAC spokesman Mark Heywood says the experts acted ethically and properly in stopping the trials but he believes they have been over cautious as no hard proof is present that the gel is certainly posing a significant risk.At the session, participants will propose policies aimed at addressing diseases such as malaria, improving women’s health and curbing alcohol make use of. According to the Tribune, 600 million people are at risk for malaria and between one million and three million people die from the disease annually in Africa. Ray Chambers, United Nations unique envoy for malaria, stated that malaria costs Africa more than $30 billion annually in wellness expenses and lost productivity, adding that the disease leads to a cycle of poverty often.