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WKCE – DPI Only Releases Part of the Data

MPS Low-Income Data Shows MPCP Higher in Reading Scores

MADISON – WKCE proficiency scores released by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) for the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) had higher scores on almost every measure than the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) low-income population, the traditional comparison to the MPCP. However, that data was not included in their press release to media. Instead they released the full population for MPS, a system that does not have income limits like the MPCP.

Overnight, DPI put the data for MPS low-income students on their web site. While the income limits for the choice program were raised to 300% of federal poverty, the vast majority of students in the choice program are low income.

Comparing those scores, the MPCP has higher ratesthan MPS in reading, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies, but slightly lower rates in math. The media, however, did not have any of this data while writing their stories. This data should have been included in the full release.

Data not included in the DPI press release:

Language Arts
Soc. Studies

MPS Econ.
Disadvantaged (FAY):




If we are to have a true discussion about education performance, all the test data should be made available at the same time for the media and public to review.

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