Severe acne should always become treated by a dermatologist.

Since they can cause serious birth defects any female on oral retinoids should use two forms of birth control to avoid the possibility of pregnancy. They are able to also cause melancholy and liver harm so anyone using these medications must be carefully monitored by their doctor. There are several other medications that have the relative side effect of helping with acne. In some women birth control pills help reduce pimples by changing the hormone amounts and reducing the testosterone amounts. Zinc can be used to treat acne also.. Acne Treatment – Prescription Medicines While it is true that generally acne can be safely and effectively treated with over the counter treatments if you have a unique skin condition it is advisable to consult a dermatologist.Its nutritional profile displays it could replace many more expensive health supplements, and its analysis profile reveals its commitment to promoting good wellness. Several animal research have documented the power of spirulina to arrest the advancement of cancer progression, reduce threat of tumor initiation, and raise the immune system. Spirulina has anti-viral and anti-allergic effects, and is a natural antihistamine. Recently, spirulina has been found effective at lowering the immune response when it is becoming overactive, a function that could make it effective against autoimmune diseases such as for example multiple sclerosis.