Shocking Comments from Racine Superintendent

Kyle Olson at Townhall is just one of many to be shocked by a recent comment made by Racine Unified Superintendent Dr. Ann Laing’s comments about parents and their ability to make good choice for their kids.

“I think Milwaukee is a good example of what will happen on a smaller scale here. In Milwaukee, it’s pretty much been white families who’ve taken advantage of private schools, with a few African-American families. The African-American families are the ones who are most prone to enroll their kids in the fly-by-night schools that cropped up after vouchers existed.

“They don’t know how to make good choices for their children. They really don’t. They didn’t have parents who made good choices for them or help them learn how to make good choices, so they don’t know how to do that.”

Of course, following that almost unbelievable comment, Laing has released a statement attempting to replace her original words with what she says she intended. Backpedaling the comments on race, she holds firm to the idea that parents can’t be trusted to make educational choices for their children.

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