Sleep Apnea May Raise Threat of Depression: FRIDAY.

The worse their apnea, the more serious their depression. However, after three months, only 4 % of the 228 apnea individuals who utilized CPAP for typically at least five hours a evening still had clinically significant symptoms of depressive disorder. At the start of the study, 41 patients reported considering harming themselves or feeling they might be better off dead. After three months of CPAP therapy, none of them experienced persistent suicidal thoughts. The analysis appears in the September issue of the Journal of Clinical Rest Medicine. Effective treatment of obstructive sleep apnea resulted in significant improvement in depressive symptoms, including suicidal thoughts, senior study author Dr.Several research from the AHA possess linked high amounts of glucose intake, to insulin resistance, hypertension, high triglycerides and type II diabetes. Underneath line: There is sufficient evidence to link excessive sugar intake to obesity and cardiovascular disease.. Ageing – Types, Factors and Effective Treatment Techniques Two types of ageing affect the human skin; both are given below with cause and effects: Extrinsic Aging Extrinsic Aging due to external elements like ultra-violate ray, wrong sleeping position, excessive consuming and repetitive facial expressions.