Some with advanced degrees in science and various other related disciplines.

Folta, as you may recall, came up with a crazy conspiracy theory that Organic News had somehow attemptedto ‘incite violence’ against him after publishing an advertisement to Craigslist exposing his interconnected romantic relationship with the biotech sector. Somehow in Folta’s twisted mind, revealing the fact that he’s recognized large cash obligations from Monsanto in trade for lying about the basic safety and efficacy of the business’s untested GMOs and crop chemicals constitutes trying to damage or murder somebody. It can be surmised that this demented misfiring in Folta’s mind is some type of side effect of nutrient insufficiency. It isn’t simply GMOs that are adding to nutrient deficits within pro-GMO circles.Journal of American Medical Association: As New Orleans and the surrounding Gulf region commemorate 5 years since the deluge, recovery from the storm’s mental health blows is still ongoing. Specialists say survivors possess higher-than-expected rates of stress-related mental wellness disorders, including depressive disorder and posttraumatic tension disorder . And the brand new devastation of the BP Gulf Coast oil spill is apparently compounding that impact.