The evidence on whether applications raised goals to abstain is less clear medicina.

Abstinence education applications increased youth’s support for abstinence The initial findings from a one-year followup of 2,310 students taking part in an evaluation of four abstinence-only education programs display that the programs increased support for abstinence medicina . The evidence on whether applications raised goals to abstain is less clear. Due to the young age of which youth started taking part in the programs, estimates of plan impacts on sexual activity are not yet available but will be presented in the final evaluation report in 2006. The scholarly study has been conducted by Mathematica Plan Research, Inc., and its own subcontractor, the University of Pennsylvania. By using scientifically rigorous evaluation strategies, this record on first-year impacts offers extremely credible estimates of the impacts of abstinence-just education on attitudes and perceptions that may be related to longer-term teen risk behaviors.

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