The frontal regions of the brain are more susceptible to concussions.

After a concussion we impose cognitive rest, meaning no school, no television, no video gaming, and physical rest as well. This absence combined with potentially chronic effect on the working memory space can handicap a child’s potential, Ellemberg said. According to the Professor, these results pressure us to re-evaluate our understanding of sport-related concussions. The problem is more serious than we think, says Ellemberg. Contrarily to professional sportsmen, youngsters don’t possess a medical doctor and a protocol in place for becoming active again. However, for me, their brain is even more important than the human brain of a famous football player.The effect of the dose of heparin on bleeding is definitely shown in Table S6 in the Supplementary Appendix. Discussion Among patients with an severe coronary syndrome with or without ST-segment elevation, the rates of major adverse cardiovascular events and net adverse clinical events were not significantly lower among those who received bivalirudin than among those that received unfractionated heparin during PCI. Likewise, post-PCI infusion of bivalirudin, as compared with no post-PCI infusion, did not affect the primary study outcome.