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That are largely because there were fewer times in February than there were in the last month's report, but it's a conclusion that doesn't help support messaging about main momentum . Reuters: Obamacare Enrollment In Private Coverage Rises to 4.2 million folks have signed up for private medical health insurance under Obamacare, and indicated that total enrollment could surpass a 6 million-enrollee forecast by the ultimate end of March. ABC Information: Obamacare Enrollment Over 4 Million, Still Missing Essential Millennials Significantly less than three weeks remain in the open up enrollment period for the health care insurance marketplace often called Obamacare, but regarding to new figures from the administration today a critical generation still isn't turning out in needed figures.That means that more than 41 % of the U.S. Population is enrolled in at least one federal government assistance program. To make matters even worse, per capita expenditures on recipients are increasing as well. This year 2010, over 70 % of all federal spending went to dependence-creating programs. That growth is unsustainable, as baby boomers are now retiring every day and their entitlements price more each year. The think tank estimates that, using current numbers and trends, publicly held federal personal debt shall exceed completely of GDP in 2024. Even though the numbers are high now, they weren’t always that way, as a %age of the population. Indeed, the ratio of takers-to-makers has increased most dramatically in only the past decade.