The research project will need five years.

We will gauge the markers in a dynamic way analyzing their variants in time among all of the values available for each individual – says Massimo Gion, scientific director of Fondazione ABO. The aim is registering the long term variations and understanding the way the acceleration in their production is linked to tumor or to a standard physiological process. If we get the outcomes we hope we will also have a model for discovering new diagnostic approaches for other cancers .. AVIS donates health research project focuses on cancer biomarkers The greatest research project on cancer biomarkers is to start in the next months. The new scientific research will open brand-new frontiers in the field of prevention of two most relevant cancer tumor: prostate cancers and ovarian tumor.The true acupuncture was presented with using needles inserted at varying depths to no more than 3cms at many well-known acupuncture points. For the sham acupuncture, the needles weren’t inserted so deep and in places well method from acupuncture factors. 90 days after the last treatment a further reduction was seen. No significant changes were seen in the sham group through the full day. At night there is a slight reduction during the treatment period but, once treatment had ceased, the number of sizzling flushes again increased. Nevertheless, once treatment ceased the scores remained reduced for the procedure group, but improved for the sham group. This treatment effect appears to coincide with an over-all improvement in well-being.