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Shattil led the true way in defining the roles of numerous kinases, scaffold proteins, small G-proteins, and exchange factors in outside-in integrin signaling platelets. He has frequently been the first ever to introduce cutting-edge methods in to the platelet field, including live cell imaging and pioneering the technique of deriving megakaryocytes from mouse bone marrow or human stem cells to make use of as a molecularly tractable style of platelet signaling.And now, more than ever, scientists have been more open-minded and intense, not only concentrating on advanced method of cure but also taking into consideration the alternative manner to prospectively avert and alleviate this problem, one of which is the use of whey protein. Whey protein products are packed with antioxidants such as glutathione which is most beneficial known for its free-radical fighting properties. Free of charge radicals are molecules that are reactive and with the capacity of engaging in speedy chain reactions extremely, destabilizing additional molecules and causing damage to our cells.