There are amount of addictions like exercise addiction.

They have insight and output sessions where-in they are told certain specific reasons for having addictions and the biological and emotional areas of it in the insight session, while in the output program the patients communicate how relevant the precise thing is, with their case. In rehab centres, there are particular time slots per day which are designated to activities like meditation, yoga, sports, games, reading, composing and so on. There exists a strict timing for them to wake up in the first morning which is normally an early hour, and similarly, bed-time. Individuals are provided ground to communicate with each other and share their connection with losses and self-deterioration process since they can relate to each other.For example, in Mexico, we’d move with the grasshopper. In Ghana, we’d proceed with the palm weevil. With the help of a special advisory board, Ashour and his team are already recruiting local farmers and workers throughout Mexico, for instance, to help cultivate the required insects. Based on the latest figures, there are some four million people surviving in slum circumstances throughout Mexico, most of them severely malnourished, that can take advantage of the endeavor. And by 2018, Ashour’s team expectations to feed more than 20 million people who have its bug flour.

Tabassome Simon, M.D., Ph.D.D., Ph.D., Murielle Mary-Krause, Ph.D., Lina Quteineh, M.D., Elodie Drouet, M.Sc.D., P.