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Pine, Amanda Guyer, Eric Nelson, and colleagues at NIMH and Georgia State University, report on the first studies to examine the functioning of the brain teenager in a simulated show real-time, world of social interaction, in the July 2009 issue of the journal Child Development.

IOPtima, a leading Israeli businesses focusing in developing and commercialization of technologies for glaucoma treatment, developed an innovative CO 2 lasers system of the enables which performance a fast easier, efficient and economical filtration procedure to alleviate the intraocular pressure. We feel of the certified States Patent is a broad States Patent to the company unique concept of treatment and laser technology they developing for treating glaucoma. – According to Dr. Amino Eza, CEO of Bio – Light The EPA authorization shall to enable commercialize our proprietary systems in a sheltered Nearby and it was a short while her, as we obtained the CE label , and us be currently preparing. Parallel with for the implementation our systems in the European market implementing in the Far East markets, which has already started, we are continuing process of the implementation FDA approved and expect it to begin clinical trials in the U.S. Shortly.