What do you think?

What do you think? When Larry reminded us last night, it took a long time to develop a cause and effect relationship between cigarettes and lung cancer. Today, everyone knows it exists. If the same thing happening with mobile phones? (More from Dr.

See study See study) How do you read the paper, you will notice it defines a ‘normal’cell phone user as someone who uses a cell phone once a week during the six months or longer. I do not know about you, but everyone I know uses his mobile phones much more common than that. How reliable some of these studies? Last night I was part of a fascinating discussion on ‘Larry King Live ‘on mobile phones and their health risks. To be clear, most the established scientific community thinks it. No need to worry However, there were some strong voices on each side of the issue, including neurosurgeon Vini Khurana from Australia. He is convinced, after looking at hundreds of studies the cell phones not only cause health problems such as brain tumors, but they too will eventually as a greater health risk than asbestos and even cigarettes..The British Red CrossThe British Red Cross helps people to in crisis, who is and wherever they are. We have part of a comprehensive volunteers network, responsive to conflicts, natural disasters and individually emergency situations. We allow needy in the UK and foreign to prepare for and resist an emergency in their own communities. When the crisis is over, helping will to recover and move on with your lives.

In 2007, the British Red Cross helped to 18,755 human in Great Britain hit of disasters. Red X first aid help exceeding 28,400 death toll for public events, constructed 137,916 human and awareness of life-saving first aid capacities at 238,000 another.